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Three Moon Silo
The Three Moon Silo is the most famous piece in the Silo Art Trail in all of Queensland. The work was completed by artists Joel Fergie aka The Zookeeper and Travis Vinson aka DRAPL as a tribute to the local legend.

The story of Three Moon Creek is one of a local Aboriginal Stockman who was boiling his billy on the banks of the creek when he stopped and took notice of the huge moon that had seemingly magically duplicated itself. He saw one in the sky, one reflecting in the creek, and one in his billy.

There is a second story of how the name came to be. It was said that several Aboriginal men were employed to wash sheep at the farm, but the work was coming to an end shortly, putting the men out of work that was well-paying and in favourable conditions. It was no use telling the men to return in three months to continue work, so they told them to return when three moons had passed. From that time on the creek became known as Three Moon Creek.


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