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About Groundwater Country Music Festival Gold Coast

Groundwater Country Music Festival (CMF) is one of Australia’s fastest growing country music festivals and is indicative of the growing appeal of country music in Australia.
Previously known as Broadbeach Country Music Festival, the festival was rebranded as Groundwater CMF in 2018 and has become an iconic festival in the Gold Coast’s annual event calendar.

Groundwater reflects on Australia’s unique culture, drawing from both the Aboriginal people’s close spiritual connection with the groundwater, as well as the farming community’s reliance on groundwater for survival.
Groundwater reflects the innate culture of the Australian people who use the rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans as a central part of life.
So, we invite you to come for the party and stay in our incredible city for 3 days of rocking country music that will shake the earth and swell the spirit.

Plenty of the best Country Music stars in the Country will hit the Gold Coast for the annual Groundwater Country Music Festival, 28-30 October, 2022.



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OCTOBER 28 -30


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